Prestigious research price for Eva B. Vedel Jensen

2009.05.29 | Lars Madsen

See the video of the award ceremony of the and the VKR-homepage (both in Danish).
From the nomination letter:

"2009 award for technical and natural scientific research

This year the award is given to Eva Bjørn Vedel Jensen firstly for her ground-breaking research within the development of advanced mathematical and statistical methods to characterise geometric structures in a qunatitative way, and secondly for her ability to apply research results in a large range of natural scientific disciplines. Her research focus is  stereology, which deals with methods to obtain exact information of a three-dimensional object from one- or two-dimensional observations. But her research also covers other fields like advanced imaging og spatial statistics. The developed methods have become indispensable tools within medicine, biology and material sciences. It is remarkable that Eva
Bjørn Vedel Jensen, and the research group that she has set up, were able to cover the whole
spectrum from highly advanced mathematical research to practical applications within these
disciplines. Eva Bjørn Vedel Jensen's achievements have lead to what colleagues would call the most important development of stereology in recent history. She has thus contributed to make  Danish research visible on the world map. It should be emphasized that Eva Bjørn Vedel Jensen at the same time has commited herself to the education of the next generation of researchers."