Outstanding Simulation Publication Award

2009.04.28 | Lars Madsen

Søren Asmussen and Peter W. Glynn recieved the Outstanding Simulation Publication Award for their book
Stochastic Simulation. Algorithms and Analysis Springer 2007

The nomination letter for the Outstanding Simulation Publication Award reads as follows:

"This book fills an important gap in the currently available textbooks in simulation. The first part of the book covers a range of broadly applicable simulation methodology in an accessible manner that makes the book particularly suitable for graduate students and interested researchers from a variety of disciplines. The second half explores a variety of specialized topics that enable the reader to rapidly become familiar with state-of-the-art issues in research frontiers in simulation. The treatment is simultaneously rigorous and a model of clarity, which is a combination not often found in books at this level. These features, combined with the depth of material and quality of the insight into methodology, make this book a jewel that will become a standard reference in simulation methodology."