The T.N. Thiele Centre for Applied Mathematics
in Natural Science

As the Thiele Centre ceased operation in February 2018, this site ( now serves as a web archive over the activities and publications from the Centre.

The centre was founded in 2004 on the basis of a major grant from the Carlsberg Foundation, with Eva Vedel Jensen as director. It was in part a continuation of the earlier Centre for Mathematical Physics and Stochastics (MaPhySto), supported by the Danish National Research Foundation. Thiele has served as an umbrella for the Aarhus Stochastics group and has organised a number of events and had its own preprint series containing 157 publications spanning 2004-2017.

Coming events organized by the Aarhus Stochastics group will be advertized on the activity calendar of  the Department of Mathematics. A new homepage for the Stochastics group will be available at

Søren Asmussen
Professor of Applied Probability and past director
February 2018